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No more fault based divorces?

We at Strain Keville are delighted to learn about the very recent news that (following the Times newspaper campaign) divorce laws may see a major overhaul. The government has decided to bring forward a reform of the legislation that will put a stop to the fault-based...

Overview – Leasehold

Leasehold explained If you buy a leasehold property you are buying the right to live in that property for the number of years left on the lease. The legal agreement with the landlord (also known as the 'freeholder') is called a Lease....

Improved leaseholder influence over landlords

The controversial Court of Appeal judgment has reasserted the balance of power held by tenants of residential flats over landlords, now enabling tenants to veto landlords granting other lessees a licence to act in a way that would otherwise breach the lease. Many...

Decree Nisi & Absolute

Divorce is essentially a two-stage process, unless it is defended which is very rare. After filing the Divorce Petition at court, the aim is to obtain a Decree Nisi. Decree Nisi Decree Nisi is a provisional decree of divorce pronounced when the court is satisfied that...

Divorce – an overview

The topic of divorce requires no introduction, but for better or for worse, divorce is a very common event these days. According to recent divorce statistics over 40% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce but on the upside, fewer marriages these days end in...

Biography – Matthew Strain

I made my decision to become a lawyer some 18 years ago when I joined the University of Newcastle to learn as much as I could about being a lawyer. No one told me you would probably not learn much of that at any university: Academic work is very different to...

IHT Simplification

Inheritance Tax General Simplification Review Since Inheritance Tax was introduced in its current form it has been subject to continuous change. The increase in house prices coupled with the changing economic and social landscape has seen an uplift in the number of...

Biography – Alex Guest

My secondary school teacher told me “Alex, you will become a politician or a lawyer”. I thought she was mad as I wanted to do something related to history (which I love) just like Indiana Jones. It appears she saw potential in my skills for arguing rather than...

Spanish Constitution

40 years have passed since the Spanish Constitution of 1978 was approved by over 87%  of Spanish citizens via  a referendum that  took place on 6 December 1978.  With the help of the Spanish political transition, they left  behind the dictatorship of...


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