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Japanese Knotweed

If your property has been invaded by knotweed, a recent Court decision will allow you to claim damages. In a recent case against National Rail, homeowners in Bridgend successfully claimed damages of £4,320.00 and £10,000.00 for loss of...

Shorter Trials Scheme

The Court system is always trying to find a way to shorten the time taken to have cases reach the Courtroom. This benefits all parties, and creates certainty all round, and enabling cases to be seen more quickly means commercial problems caused by litigation can be...

Does Strain Keville Provide Legal Aid?

Whilst all of our clients will know that we do not provide Legal Aid, we have been asked by a number of people what it entails and whether they have a right to it. We hope this note will give some background information and some idea about the use of Legal Aid. Do we...

Deep Roots – Knotweed

What is Knotweed? Japanese Knotweed is a plant which originates in East Asia, and is one of the most prolific and damaging weeds. Why should I be interested? Knotweed can cause considerable damage to your property, and can also cause damage to other people’s property....

Court and Contracts

There have been some interesting developments on contracts in the last year or so. Understanding how a court will approach an agreed contract is vital to understanding how to put a contract together. This blog will hopefully lead you through some of the thought...

How To Approach A Challenging Employee

No matter how well you handle your workforce, or how generous you are as an employer, there may well be times when an employee requires more care and attention. We always try and give pragmatic advice when handling problems with staff. The most important thing to...

Employment Contract – thoughts on drafting

Whether you have a written employment contract or not, employees are employed under the terms of a contract. You want to make sure you have control over a number of clauses within that contract, so we always recommend you draw up a written one for them to sign. The...

Navigating Small Claims

Small claims costs are one of the first barriers to any of our clients bringing a claim against someone who owes them money. The next barrier is understanding how to do it themselves, or knowing a good firm of solicitors to run the case for them. The small claims...

Leaks in tax

Leaks in tax and the financial system Data escaping from within companies and government agencies; these leaks are becoming commonplace, but it is the money leaking out of the grasp of global taxation systems highlighted last week that has drawn the most attention....


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