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Landlord Obligations: Common Parts & COVID-19

Landlord Obligations: Common Parts & COVID-19

In a case of a commercial landlord with a courtyard development, where are a number ofcommercial tenants have access from the highway to their units via the development’s yard,the question arose whether the landlord, just because rights of access have been granted...

COVID-19 – Renter’s Protection

COVID-19 – Renter’s Protection

As a result of the sudden and significant impact of the outbreak of Covid-19, the UK Government is looking to pass an emergency bill focussing on the protection of renters to cover the length of the outbreak. This bill proposal arrives shortly after the Government...

Business Support – Government Support

Business Support – Government Support

The COVID-19 pandemic, more popularly known as Coronavirus, is causing the rupture of the business base or specifically altering it.  The UK has taken the run up against the spread of COVID19 by implementing several unprecedent economic measures to...

80% of Wages – Government Support

80% of Wages – Government Support

Everyone at Strain Keville sends their very best wishes to everybody in these unprecedented and extraordinary times. As has been said on countless occasions, the Country and indeed the World as a whole is battling a pandemic on a scale never before seen in modern...

We are still open and ready to support you

Message from Strain Keville 21 March 2020 We want to say a big thank you everyone for being supportive over the past few weeks whilst we transition to home-based working. Our team remain contactable via phone, email or virtual meeting to provide you with any legal...


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