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You need to prove a few things before a successful claim can be brought:

  • False Statement – You need to be sure the representation made to you was false.
  • It is not necessary that they knew it to be true, but that they were reckless as to whether or not it was true.
  • Reliance – If you do not place reliance on the statement, there is nothing to complain about.
  • We have to be able to show a detriment and that you relied on the false representation.
  • Loss – You must have suffered a loss.

Each case must be handled carefully. Courts can take a very strict view on claims that someone has been fraudulent and it is a matter for us, professionally, to make sure a claim is as accurate as it can be before starting proceedings at court.

The first place to start is your evidence: If you believe you have a claim, we need to make sure it can be proven. This is more important in a claim for fraud as the bar is set quite high in real terms.

Why not let us have a look at the documentation and come in for a discussion. If we feel you have a claim, contact us and our team of solicitors can guide you through the process.

Property Dispute & Litigation

Arguments over property and property related rights are some of the most emotive disputes we deal with. The parties usually live or work next to each other and the concept of ‘ownership’ over the land makes arguments more heated than they otherwise should be. After all, your neighbours and colleagues are part of your daily life.  Although disputes are common they are avoidable, even if impassioned and driven by unreasonableness.

It is good to remember that in any dispute the trick with dealing with these issues is to be clear in your rights, calm in their application and as amicable as you can be to all parties.

We treat all property disputes with a sensitive approach, making clear your rights and the risks involved and explain likely costs at an early stage in the process.

If you feel you need help on a potential property dispute, an ongoing matter or just some friendly professional advice on your rights and obligations regarding property in the UK or abroad please contact us and we can arrange for one of specialist solicitors to help you.

Finance & Banking Disputes

Strain Keville has considerable expertise in the commercial field providing accurate legal advice whilst being sensitive towards the commercial aspects of your business. We use our experience across all areas to provide well-informed and practical advice on investments and financial relationships.

We work for high net worth clients disputing the actions and decisions their bank has made in relation to investments and for boutique banks designing contractual frameworks and enforcing their terms.

With knowledge of both sides we are in ideally placed to deal with your requirements quickly and efficiently.

In the centre of London, Strain Keville is ideally placed to provide a full service, whether you are looking to have your contract with your lender checked, or if you are a lender looking for advice on all aspects of your business.

Please contact us for further information and we will find the most appropriate of our Banking and Finance solicitors to highlight the most creative and commercially beneficial way forward.


As Employment solicitors we deal with a wide variety of employment matters, from helping design effective contracts to negotiating amicable settlement agreements between employers and employees. We offer clear, straightforward advice and will always provide you with the most commercially beneficial option to any situation.

As an employee you have many rights protecting your position, employment status, salary and wellbeing at work. You will also have a range of obligations which may or may not have been set out explicitly in a contract or other employment documents. Our aim is always to ensure that you are aware of your rights and obligations and your employers do not take advantage in any circumstances.

As an employer you have obligations to your employees and the Government regarding working hours, remuneration, tax and benefits. However, the nature of how you retain contractors, freelancers, temporary employees or permanent members of staff affects your rights and the protection you and your business receive from the law.

We can advise on all area of employment law including:

  • Discrimination
  • Employment contracts and documentation
  • Grievance procedures
  • Redundancy and dismissal
  • Unfair dismissal

Please contact us if you need experienced advice on an any employment matter as an employee or employer.

Professional Negligence

At some point we may all need to take professional legal advice and turn to a solicitor.  Occasionally, this could result in being given poor or careless advice. We can help identify why and how this happened.

All solicitors are regulated and bound by very strict professional requirements. You have the law on your side if you have been advised by a solicitor on something beyond their expertise or has passed the work on to a colleague who does not have the knowledge.

If your case is genuine and common standards of practice have not been adhered to, we will guide you through the process of making a complaint and the options available to fund your case.

Lawyers are not supposed to cause you stress. If you have a claim we will listen.

If you need advice on your current or previous legal representation, please contact us for a confidential consultation with one of our Professional Negligence solicitors who can discuss your situation and how we can help.

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