Company Purchase & Sale

The process for company purchase and/or sale is often not straightforward. It can involve a considerable amount of due diligence, large agreements, company resolutions and negotiations.

Our specialist solicitors will guide you through the process from start to finish, no matter what is necessary. With company purchases and particularly sales it is vital all the clauses, meanings of documents, wording of warranties and guarantees etc are properly explained and expertly executed.

We work with you side by side ensuring you have the support to move through the process as stress-free as possible. Providing information when needed and being easy to contact and quick to respond during what can sometimes be a lengthy process has been a great help to our clients on numerous sales and purchases we have undertaken.

For information on the process and a discussion of the next steps, please contact us for a consultation with one of our highly experienced Company solicitors.

Property Companies

If you are resident abroad or you would like protection from some liability, property companies are popular in several circumstances.

Whilst they are mostly used for people who live outside of the UK, the principles can be applied to anyone who wishes to have both security and potential tax benefits.

Contact us for a discussion with one of our Property Company solicitors who can talk you through the range of ways we can help.

Start Ups

Starting up your own business can be daunting, but Strain Keville can provide the simple framework necessary to give your new business its own legal structure.

We are aware you will have several concerns and we encourage you to ask as many questions you like. We can then take all the options into account and will lead you through each one. Some considerations for start-up businesses:

  • Purchasing a company
  • Registering your own company
  • Partnerships with other people
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Responsibilities as a director of a company
  • Responsibilities as an employer
  • Employment documentation
  • Licensing of goodwill, logos or other intellectual property

Contact one of our Start-up specialist solicitors to discuss your concept and we can let you have an idea of what will be required and provide you with transparent costs.

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