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If you have not been a resident in Spain during the last ten years and your employer has no
objection to allowing you to work remotely from Spain for more than 183 days within a
natural year, then you can base yourself in Spain and work from Spain as a non-resident tax
payer (there is no discrimination on nationality or habitual residence).

How much tax does a non-resident pay in Spain?

  • You will pay 24% of your worldwide income derived from you work as an employee.
    Please note that if your worldwide income as an employee is 600.000,00€ or more
    per annum then the percentage would be 45%.
  • You will pay Wealth Tax on the assets that you have in Spain. This would not apply
    to your worldwide assets.
  • In relation to any other type of income, you would only pay tax on any other income
    receive in Spain, e.g. income from rentals.

We would be delighted to assist by initially analyzing your personal circumstances before
making any decision about relocating to Spain. This would include determining any real
savings in taxes and expenses that would apply on moving to Spain. Furthermore, we can
assist with your employer so that they are aware of what they need to do so that you are
able to work remotely from your home in Spain.

Our role will also include completing all the formalities associated with your new status so
that your residence status is completely legal, and you can then enjoy the next six years in
Spain without any tax worries.

Please contact us and our team will be delighted to assist.