University to Strain Keville… Kick-Starting My Legal Career

by | May 2, 2019

Bhavika Gorsia, a studious girl who aspired to be a lawyer just like Jessica Pearson, confident, independent and powerful. For those of you that don’t know, that was a reference to Suits, a US TVdrama about the not-so-real working life at a law firm.

Having graduated in July 2018, from the University of Manchester with a First-Class Honours in Law with Politics (LLB), it didn’t take long for the harsh reality to hit that I was no longer a student. From student to graduate to unemployed graduate. Therefore, I immediately began searching for jobs with a view that hereon in I needed to focus on enhancing character development and strengthening my skillset, paving the way for my future that lay ahead. I quickly realised that most jobs, if not all, required experience of at least 3-6 months which I did not have. I had worked at many firms in the past for about 2 weeks each, all of which allowed me to make the informed decision of choosing law as a career path in the first place, but this was not enough – what I needed was a lengthier experience which allowed me to gain exposure to a more commercial practice which was close to the City. I needed to accumulate commercial experience, augment my legal knowledge and business sense and begin to understand how to best represent both private clients and businesses. Furthermore, I needed to experience working in a time-pressured environment, most prevalent in firms that are commercial in nature and situated in or around Central London.

Unexpectedly, after a very pleasant telephone conversation with Matthew Strain, the Senior Partner here at Strain Keville, I managed to secure some work experience. Little did I know that 3 weeks later I was going to sign an employment contract with them as a Paralegal. Expect the unexpected – a very apt phrase indeed.

I’m now a much-valued member of the team and loving every bit of it. I am predominately situated in the commercial and residential Property Department where I take on a plethora of assignments, including, but are not limited to, (could it get anymore ‘lawyer-esque’?) research tasks on legal developments, legal drafting, raising enquiries on purchases, filling out forms (for instance a RX3 and an AP1) and evaluating office copy entries from the Land Registry. So far, I have drafted a s27(2) Notice, a Deed converting a Tenancy in Common to Joint Tenancy, a Tenancy at Will Agreement and a few TR1s. I am thankful to Strain Keville for allowing me to take such high levels of responsibility and providing me with opportunities to get “hands on” with cases. This type of work is definitely intellectually stimulating – just what I wanted in a career. I have also taken an active role in blogging and creating leaflets for clients to help them better understand new regulation, GDPR and the new Disclosure Pilot Scheme are just a couple of recent examples.

Outside the office I enjoy going to the theatre. I also enjoy watching psychological thrillers (nothing beats an episode of Black Mirror, Wire in the Blood or a good-binge watch of The Sinner – even better with a pot of ice-cream, chocolate, of course!).

I’m excited to see what the future holds for me but if there is one thing my journey has taught me so far it is to be persistent, patient and passionate. Love what you do, keep up the hard work and it will all fall into place.

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