Inheritance Tax General Simplification Review

Since Inheritance Tax was introduced in its current form it has been subject to continuous change.

The increase in house prices coupled with the changing economic and social landscape has seen an uplift in the number of individuals who are concerned or confused over whether or not they will fall within the scope of the tax.

Simplification Review

To counter this, the Chancellor has instructed the Office of Tax Simplification to carry out a review on a range of Inheritance tax aspects which will form part of its remit to simplify the tax system.

The aim of the review will be to develop recommendations to present to the Chancellor for simplifying Inheritance Tax from both a technical and administrative point of view.

Scope of the Review

The Office of Tax Simplification’s review will analyse a number of areas including:

  • the way in which Inheritance Tax returns are submitted;
  • interaction of Inheritance Tax with other taxes such as Capital Gains Tax;
  • the various rules relating to gifts and expenditure out of income; and
  • the perception of the complexity of the Inheritance Tax system. The Office of Tax Simplification will publish a report in the autumn 2018 setting these out.

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