During a case you will not only need our expertise as the team will need other input, from experts to associate services, and also third party fees and charges. We manage those third party interactions for you, and normally organise for payment too. We then need to charge those payments back to you, and we do that on our invoices.

Do I have control over disbursements?

Yes, for the most part.

You can normally decide whether to instruct us not to pay for a disbursement or not. If you do not want to incur a disbursement you may not be able to progress your case (eg trying to bring a claim, or other Court fees).

Other times you may find we can not advise you properly or at all if you do not pay a fee (eg property searches on a purchase, or organising a costs schedule during litigation).

There is always a choice but there may be knock on effects.

Example disbursements

This is not a complete list and items may vary depending on your case.

  • Property searches
  • Court fees
  • Barristers fees
  • Surveyor fees
  • Cost draftsman
  • Courier charges
  • Travel, where relevant

Are they included in fees we quote for?

Third party charges are not normally included in our quotes, unless they are set out. Before we go ahead with authorising disbursements we obtain your agreement first.

When do I need to pay for disbursements?

We sometimes temporarily fund disbursements for clients, otherwise we ask for them to be paid upfront, and before we authorise them to be incurred.

Terms and Conditions

You will have a copy of our Terms and Conditions, which contain a lot more information about disbursements in there.

Each case is different and disbursements will vary. Just ask if you have any questions.