40 years have passed since the Spanish Constitution of 1978 was approved by over 87%  of Spanish citizens via  a referendum that  took place on 6 December 1978.  With the help of the Spanish political transition, they left  behind the dictatorship of Francisco Franco and opened the door to a parliamentary democracy like many European countries.
The Constitution of 1978 has the honour of being the longest constitution in the history of Spain and the first one which was developed from a broad consensus of the various political forces. Previous ones followed the ideological idea imposed at the time.
Nowadays, a majority of the Spanish community still agree with the Constitution of 1978, although there are others who think a constitutional reform is needed, which, together with the economic crisis, the nationalist issue in Cataluña and the parliamentary division, may eventually give way to an unforeseen situation.
During these 40 years, Spain has showed its capability of achieving great success and triumphs, guaranteeing a whole system of citizens freedoms and rights, a field in which much there can always be improvement.   Strain Keville’s International Desk works with experts in Spain law who speak fluent English and Spanish, ensuring that clients receive support tailor to their needs. If you seek any legal assistance in Spain, please contact Alex Guest by email: aguest@strainkeville.co.uk or by telephone: +44 (0)20 7323 5000.