Japanese Knotweed

by | Jul 4, 2018

If your property has been invaded by knotweed, a recent Court decision will allow you to claim damages.

In a recent case against National Rail, homeowners in Bridgend successfully claimed damages of £4,320.00 and £10,000.00 for loss of property value.

National Rail land adjoins many properties that may now be in a position to claim a considerable amount of damages for rectification and loss of property value.

In our view, there are other claims too (depending on the circumstances):

  1. If the knotweed has incurred a loss of amenity or interfered with the proper use of the land, you should be able to claim that back; and
  2. Any damage caused to property, plants or rectification to land once removed can also be claimed.

Japanese Knotweed spreads through its root system and can grow at an extremely fast rate, causing damage to property and is very difficult to destroy.

Experts have to be brought in to counter the plant’s growth and to kill it.

More information on the plant can be found here: Japanese Knotweed.

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