What are the major changes ahead?

Even though the EU Referendum has concluded, for now nothing will change. The bottom line for the time being is that the laws are what the laws currently are, and the process required to change them is vast and will take a long time.

If you are worried that the recent results will cause major problems, they are very unlikely to do that, at least from a legal perspective. We are all hoping there will be a successful continuation of business and use of the law we have, and only time will tell. For now, though, we continue as before.

Here are some points to remember when thinking about the result:

It isn’t a decision

The referendum is not binding. It is not a decision, in the legal sense. Nothing is changed by it happening, in the legal sense. Everything else might have changed, but the laws are the same. For now.

As you were…

The laws in place yesterday are the same today. Even the EU regulations, whether you voted ‘leave’ or not.

The big red button

Article 50 is the process by which the government would start the leaving process. Things will only begin to change when that is done, and there have been no moves to do that so far.

What have the politicians said?

No one, as far as we are aware, have said they will push the Article 50 ‘big red button’. Whether they will or not, and the timetable for that, is yet to be seen. Even then, there are two years to go before that process will conclude.

What’s the timetable after the EU Referendum?

We don’t know, and the leave camp is unprepared.

Treaties would need to be concluded and trade deals secured, not only with the rest of the world, but with the EU again.

It is possible the timetable will be pushed back and back, until a proper investigation into figures and the full effects are taken into account.


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