Acting as the secretary of a company is often an inconvenience, and is a task kept at the back of most people’s minds. Especially over the Christmas period, employees are often very busy and have other more pressing issues to deal with. The work that needs doing is often time consuming and not very engaging and very often becomes neglected.

When documents are not lodged and deadlines are not met; charges and penalties will be implemented. The financial sanctions can wrack up further bills, especially if records are then out of date.

Strain Keville offer a secretarial service, and can keep those deadlines for you, ensuring you know what to do and when to do it. If we can do the work for you, we will and we ensure you avoid those fines.

The cost can be as low as £300.00 plus VAT a year, and saves you time and money, and avoids fines and, as a last sanction, having your company struck off for non-compliance.

We are so confident, if we don’t deliver on our promise of keeping you organised, we will pay the fines we miss for you.

Something else that we offer which ties in with keeping things in order is support with internal management and company regulations. As your company evolves and updates, it’s important that the way your company runs is brought up to date as well. 2015 may well bring big changes within your company and it’s reassuring to know that our team at Strain Keville can be there to advise on every aspect of company management. Sometimes its just small changes, whether structural, the shareholders or something to do with employment, but an outsider’s opinion and professional advice may be very beneficial in making the right alterations that could result in a drastic improvement in the way your company is run. We offer Company Services that take care of filing forms with Companies House, drafting company minutes and making sure deadlines are met enabling you to focus on running your business.

If you feel your company might benefit from an organizational update for the New Year or if you have concerns over current company procedures then contact us to discuss how we can help.