Right to Manage

Buildings with multiple tenants rely upon service charge arrangements in order to evenly share the costs of maintaining communal areas between the occupants. Each property will have its own requirements and, whether you live in premises with lots of outdoor space or a high-rise block that requires window cleaning or lift maintenance, sites will need differing levels of attention. Service charges should reflect this.

Costs vary, but generally at some point during a tenancy there will be some disagreement about the level of service. Regardless of whether there is a little or a lot of work to be carried out on the property, it should be maintained to the standard expected and agreed in the tenancy agreement.

If you own an apartment in a building, are unhappy about either the performance of the managing agents, the level of the service charges, or both, there is a statutory procedure that enables you to take control. The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 entitles tenants to the opportunity to apply to take control of the management of the building as long as more than fifty percent of those living at the premises vote in favour of the proposal. This is Right to Manage (RTM).

Tenants do not stop paying the landlord, however it does mean they have more control over how and where the money is spent.

If you and the others in your building feel you could benefit from the Right to Manage scheme, please contact us and, in the first instance we will put you in touch with one of our right to manage solicitors Kings Cross, London who can look at your building, listen to your circumstances and help you decide if Right to Manage is the best option.