Property Dispute & Litigation

Arguments over property and property related rights are some of the most emotive disputes we have to deal with. The parties usually live or work next to each other and the concept of ‘ownership’ over the land makes arguments more heated than they otherwise should be. You have to look at neighbours everyday and they are close; disputes are common but avoidable, even if emotive and driven by unreasonableness.

Even if it is not a dispute with a neighbour, the trick with dealing with these issues is to be clear in your rights, calm in their application and as amicable as all parties can be.

We treat property disputes with a sensitive approach, ensuring that your rights, the risks involved and the likely costs are explained at an early stage.

There are many areas of property over which disputes arise but most of our clients’ matters fall into one of three categories:


Commercial Property

Property Disputes Commercial Property Disputes


If you feel you need help on a potential property dispute, an ongoing matter or just professional advice on your rights and obligations regarding property either in the UK or abroad, please contact us and we can arrange for one of Kings Cross Property Dispute and Litigation solicitors to find out how we can help. Contact Us