Landlord & Tenant Disputes

You will generally enjoy your home in peace, but there are times when you will need to discuss things with your landlord.

Perhaps you are requesting something that you feel you are entitled to, such as access to someone else’s flat to carry out some works to your flat, or maybe you want to stop noise being made by others in the block.

You will need to contact the landlord and you will need to enforce your rights under your lease, and perhaps some other legal rights too. We can advise you on the process, lead you through it and ensure that your rights are properly presented and requested.

Just because the landlord owns the block does not mean you should be concerned about dealing with them: we can do that for you.

To help you better understand your rights, please contact us and one of our Landlord and Tenant Disputes solicitors Kings Cross, London can listen to your circumstances and explain your legal and commercial options.