Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney allow you to appoint someone to act for you on your behalf. There may be a number of reasons why you would want that to happen, and there are two types of Power of Attorney we would look at drawing up for you, depending on what you require:

  • Health and Welfare
  • Property and Financial

The process is not simple anymore. We used to be able to draw up a Power of Attorney within an hour and they were four pages long. The law has changed and the process is longer and more complicated, and is designed to protect you, your family and dependents.

In drawing up your Power of Attorney, we will:

  • Guide you through the process.
  • Provide full advice on the details on Attorney Law
  • Take a sensible approach to fulfilling your aims, without over or under providing.
  • Fill in all of the forms for you.
  • Ensure that the document is legally effective.
  • Register the forms on your behalf.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. Depending on what you would like, we will tailor the forms and the details to your needs. We can also look at your circumstances as a whole and advise on whether a Power of Attorney is what you really need. An independent overview from the government is available here and briefly sets out the steps involved.

If you would like your power of attorney handled by experienced professionals please contact us and we can arrange for one of our dedicated Kings Cross powers of attorney solicitors to listen to your situation and give bespoke advice based on your personal circumstances and individual wishes. Contact Us