Disputes & Litigation

We do not want clients having to go to Court. Properly advised, the majority of our client’s matters should not have to reach such an advanced stage.

Litigation starts off as dispute, evolves into argument, then negotiation. In most cases, it is at that stage we aim to arrive at an amicable and acceptable settlement.

The risk and costs of going to Court should not be considered lightly. Available at every stage, managing multiple professionals on your behalf, we give clear, considered, practical advice taking the most commercial view. Often that means steering away from litigation but, if going to court is unavoidable, we will be transparent about the risks and costs of each step.

Our clients get the benefit of our partners’ experience on a broad range of dispute and litigation matters including:


If you need us to take over a dispute in the middle of a case, we can lead you through the simple process, regardless of whether you have been dealing with it yourself or whether you need to change your solicitor. Contact us and we can arrange for you to talk to one of our Disputes & Litigation Solicitors Kings Cross, London about how best to proceed. Contact Us