Company Secretary & Management

Company Secretary Services

Company Secretarial services can be a real distraction for many of our clients. Many either do not realise that company secretarial work needs to be undertaken and charges and penalties can be incurred as a result.

Our secretarial services will make sure you have everything you need to meet deadlines and, where we can do it for you, we will.

If documents are not lodged on time at Companies House, automatic penalties of £100.00 or more can be rendered. If those records are left out of date, the penalties wrack up to potentially disproportionate amounts, with the ultimate punishment being the striking off of the company.

We keep all the deadlines for you and ensure you have what you need to comply with the statutory requirements.

If we do not ensure you know what you need to know to do what you need to do, we pay the fines for you. We are that confident.


Internal Management & Company Regulations

Companies expand, update and develop. Their internal procedures need to do the same.

From simple matters, such as what work the company can carry out, to something more delicate, like voting rights. Whatever you need to bring your business up to date, we will advise you along the way.

Changes of this type often require specialised Articles or Memoranda of Association. Sometimes it is just a small tweak. This aspect of company management is easily taken off your hands so every concern can be thought of for you.


Should you require any further information regarding these services, contact us and we can arrange for a consultation with one of our Kings Cross company management solicitors and we can talk you through the levels of service both for secretary and management for your company.