Commercial Property

We work closely with our commercial clients, giving legal advice and administrative assistance on all commercial property. From purchase to sale, we provide support for every aspect, including:

  • Rental
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Dilapidations
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • General litigation

Our partners have execptional experience in all these areas.  We assemble teams for commercial transactions and can integrate within existing projects to ensure our clients have the resources available to reach their commercial aims whilst keeping costs down.

Property Developments

The range of development work we deal with is varied, from organising every legal aspect of a new town development, to splitting large freehold properties and developments into leaseholds. We organise rights of access, lease terms to match your developments’ needs and manage planning issues for smaller commercial developments.

Financial Structures

Many transactions benefit from more creative systems of ownership, whether for tax advantages, convenience or by reason of nationality.

We discuss your needs and give you a range of options to organise your finances efficiently, minimise risk and realise the best commercial outcome within a timeframe.


Depending on the desired convenience vs benefit solution we decide on together, you can own commercial property in a variety of ways: Sole ownership, joint ownership, company structures, offshore or joint ventures.

Each has its own risks and benefits profile and your commercial property will be placed in the most desirable structure for your situation.

Loans and International Finance

Strain Keville’s commercial property partners assist in securing the right financial arrangements for domestic and foreign clients, both in England and Wales and in other jurisdictions. Foreign loans, mortgages and offshore vehicles are particularly relevant at a time when property in the Capital is so popular and well sought after by foreign investment.

Purchase and sale of houses and flats

Our partners have sold and purchased for our commercial clients for over twenty years. We always deal with each transaction with our clients’ individual needs in mind, whilst keeping costs as low as possible. We provide a detailed assessment of the risks and encumbrances for each property and set out creative legal solutions bespoke to the requirements of the company.

Property renovation

Commercial property has never been in higher demand and more and more of our clients look to us to assist in navigating the financing, purchase and renovation or redevelopment of property.

Whether a change of use, licences for alterations, council application, planning consent, party wall agreements or amendments to leases and freehold notification, our partners and their dedicated team successfully integrate with your business to offer the convenience of in-house advice but with the efficiency and lower costs of outside representation.

We can advise on all legal aspects of renovations or focus on a particular issue, offering a fresh perspective on the most commercially successful outcome for the company.

Freehold or leasehold creation, negotiation, purchase and sale

Whole site development, combining existing properties or splitting a larger property into multiple units come with legal responsibilities which, if not met, can impact the commercial viability of the project as a whole.

We can take as much of the work away from you as you need. Dealing with the council, the land registry and the property tribunal can be time-consuming. We can free up that time for you, leaving you more resources to run your business.

Deposit Recovery

In the first instance, good contracts and effective systems to protect landlords are desirable. Sometimes, tenants fall short of their responsibilities, and in those instances identifying the most commercially sensible choices in how to proceed can save a great deal of time and frustration.

We will give straightforward advice on how to save costs and deal with deposit recovery as quickly and as efficiently as possible, bearing in mind your individual situation.

Tenancy Agreements

Tenancy agreements are the legal backbone of commercial property and we ensure bespoke agreements are implemented for your individual needs. Properly constructed tenancy agreements protect our commercial clients, lower legal costs in the future and free up resources within the business.

Our partners combined experience allows us to tailor documents to suit the requirements of each individual business’ needs, avoiding complications in the future and protecting your legal rights in the most cost effective way.

If you need straightforward and practical commercial advice on property matters, contact us and we can organise for you to talk to one of our Kings Cross commercial property solicitors. Contact Us