Commercial Property Companies

Sometimes it is better, more cost effective or easier from an administrative point of view to put a property into the name of a company.

There are different reasons why you might wish to use a company. For instance, you may wish to buy properties as part of your investment portfolio, or you may wish to ensure that you are protected from too much liability. If we can implement these for you we will, and all you have to do is ask our advice.

If you think a company structure might help, just let us know and we can take you through your options.

Offshore companies may be used in certain situations, particularly if you are not resident in the UK.

We are able to set up offshore structures for you and discuss the pros and cons of your individual circumstances. We work closely with accounting firms to ensure that your tax needs are also dealt with in the most efficient way.

If you have any questions please contact us today and we can organise for a consultation with one of our highly experienced commercial property company solicitors Kings Cross, London who can listen to your objectives and identify the most commercially beneficial way forward. Contact Us